Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Patriot Act On The Precipice Of Death, Napolitano Says Terror Attack Imminent

The Patriot Act has failed to be extended in the newly Republican House. In what has to just be a coincidence, DHS chief Janet Napolitano is pimping a heightened terror attack threat once more.

The Patriot Act is the most severe attack upon the civil liberties of Americans since the Alien and Sedition Act. With this law still in effect, the Constitution is just a bunch of words printed on a fading piece of paper. This law enables the Federal government to have rolling wiretaps, conduct searches with a warrant written by a federal agent, implant listening devices in your home without any notification, lock you in prison without habeas corpus and if you say anything to anybody they’ll lock your ass up indefinitely.

Government coerces you to accept its power through the barrel of a gun. The more power it gets, the more oppressive its demands become. The more oppressive its demands become, bigger and bigger do their guns become.

If you believe that the United States government only has your best interests at heart I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. They may say they are protecting you from Habib Mubopbop. Reality dictates they are grabbing more power away from you so they can accrue even more into their hands; standard operating procedure for government.

Because of the degradation of intelligence in society, they can grab more power with little to no opposition. You want to repeal this law? Well, that smelly goat herder over there wants to blow up your city and cut your head off. By the way, your girlfriend sounded hot last night. Hope she’s not pregnant.

I have never trusted these elevated terror “threats” the DHS sends out whenever something happens that is not to their liking. Patriot Act is defanged? Terror attack imminent! Pro-freedom candidates are going to win an election? Terror attack imminent!

These terror warnings are nothing but Chicken Little cries that the sky is falling. They have to produce no evidence to the public to justify these warnings. Since these warnings are convenient to the national security establishment, they make them up whole from cloth. What better way to get people to voluntarily give up freedom than to stick the threat of imminent demise in their face? No threat imminent? Make it up! They’re just sheep anyway!

In reality, these false terror threats are meant to illicit a Pavlovian response in the populace. If you do something enough, your subject will eventually do whatever it is you want on a certain prompt. If the government keeps on saying a terror attack is imminent unless the people give up even more rights, people will keep on following that prompt until they are packed in concentration camps.

We live in a police state. I would much rather face the threat of dying in a terrorist attack than be a slave my whole life.

Janet Napolitano and the whole national ‘security’ establishment is scared to death of the Patriot Act not passing. The Patriot Act is the biggest threat to your liberties ever devised. Having no rights, having no freedom is what the government needs. When a society is free government has no power. That is why they must take it away. Otherwise, what use is a useless government to professional bureaucrats? It is worth naught.

I am trying not to sound like a pessimist. I do see some positives coming down the creek. The American people are wising up. They no longer hold up what their government says as sacred writ. The office of the President has been wholly delegitimized. Distrust of government is at a historical new high. And it seems the new Tea Party class of Republicans in Congress is following the Constitution like they said they would.

There is one more hurdle for the expiration of the Patriot Act to go through. The Senate must vote to not extend this bill and kill it like it should have been killed almost ten years ago.

America can’t wait. The Patriot Act must be sent to the dustbins of history.

State Sponsored Multiculturalism Is A Failure: British Prime Minister David Cameron

State sponsored multiculturalism has two goals. The first goal is to destroy the idea of the nation state. When you have immigrants from every country in the world rushing into your nation, borders become useless lines on a map and without borders the idea of a sovereign nation becomes toast. Liberals and men without nations would love to get rid of sovereign governments so they could consolidate the power into their hands and out of yours’. The second goal is to start a race or class war between the natives of your country and the new underclass of foreigners. When you have a class war, your government can create an even bigger domestic government to crack down on the liberties of your people.

Great Britain is the hallmark of what multiculturalism can be. Britain, once a proud nation, has become a third rate power. Their borders are something kids learn about only abstractly in school. Arabs have invaded the city of London, turning it into Baghdad Jr. The whites that had the means moved out of the city and into the suburbs. The ancient cockney accent is dead. The common British accent contains traces of the Pakistani dialect. The whites left behind in the cities are being forced into penury. There is an evening out of wages, where the unskilled immigrants and the native British are about to become the same. Tempers are hot. The climate in Britain is full of gas waiting for a spark. They can thank their own government.

It is a positive development that U.K. Prime Minister, David Cameron, has come out publicly against multiculturalism. His country is no longer the land of the ancient Celts. It is no longer the nation of Queen Elizabeth. That huckster John Maynard Keynes has surpassed Adam Smith. Shakespeare is thought a relic of the past to butcher excerpts from his plays, while romance novels are read as great literature. The Koran has surpassed the Bible. All this while those socialist warmongers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown twiddled their thumbs.

David Cameron is not someone I consider a great politician or conservative. The most conservative policy ever suggested by him was rescinding the ban on fox hunting. His national healthcare system is destroying his country bit by bit. That old hag, the Queen, is still running rampant in this poor excuse of a free country.

But David Cameron is right that multiculturalism must be stopped. It is destroying England. Cameron is wrong on most things but even a stopped clock is right twice a day. He is right. He deserves an honorable mention.

Good job, Dave baby!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Don't Watch The Super Bowl

It is Super Bowl Sunday and everyone is getting ready for the festivities. Like any holiday made for idiots, it involves guzzling down cheap beer, eating enough pizza to make your shit stink for weeks and emergency rooms filled to the brim with heart attack victims.

It is the culmination of a year’s worth of football trials and tribulations. It’s the championship, don’t ‘ya know?

It is the grand pooba of American holidays. Move over Christmas, Easter, Independence Day and Thanksgiving. It is the celebration of our new religion: football!

That’s right. Christianity went the way of the dodo, Islam is for child molesters, Judaism ain’t what it used to be, Scientology was made by a broke ass two bit pulp writer and Buddhism doesn’t jibe with an unbalanced world; ‘ya dig?

What better than football to be our new religion? You have retards running around a grass field, throwing a “ball” around and tackling each other to show how supreme their ‘team’ is to the other ‘team’. Sounds like life under the Obama regime, no?

I’m not one for ceremony. I’m not going to watch the Super Bowl. I’m going to do something productive like reading a book (what a foreign idea!) or maybe writing another article for this blog. Maybe I’ll even spend time with my family or get a girlfriend. The possibilities are endless!

I’m sure you have a brain that at least functions half way. Otherwise, how else would you possess the discriminating taste to actually read something I have written? If you’re not just a monkey banging on keys, you shouldn’t watch the Super Bowl either. Walk your dog, start that novel you’ve had kicking around in your head for a while, have sex…it’s up to you!

Be a heretic. Be a rebel. Don’t watch the Super Bowl.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Obama: Mercantilist

I always get annoyed when Barack Obama is called a socialist or Marxist. This annoyance does not come from any kind of pent up love and affection for the man. Nay, I just call it like it is. The economic system Barack Obama follows is not capitalism or communism but neo-mercantilism.

Mercantilism was a dominant economic system set up in the Late Renaissance and Early Modern period in Europe. Even though it had its roots in parts throughout Europe; especially in the non-free market section of Spain’s Salamanca school, it got the most traction in Great Britain. British merchant Thomas Mun was considered one of mercantilism’s greatest proponents.

Mercantilism is the mistaken belief that the prosperity of a state is wholly dependent upon its supply of capital, the global balance of trade is unchangeable (unchangeable as in a zero sum game) and that one party may only benefit at the expense of another. In a nutshell, the government has to manage the economy through a protectionist trade policy (either towards domestic corporations or friends of the current regime) using prohibitive taxation, tariffs or extremely restrictive licenses to do business and the total confiscation of gold and silver in favor of domestic monetary units.

What is a neo-mercantilist? Instead of viewing trade and commerce as between nations, as the old mercantilists used to posit, it views all trade in the domestic market as trade between nations. In neo-mercantilism all economic activity between two parties that are not supporters of the state should be clamped down by excessive taxation and restrictive licensing laws to start and maintain a business. It also incorporates aspects of Socialism, with redistribution of wealth and the control of the means of economic production. There is also a smattering of Keynesianism; a school of thought heavily influenced by mercantilism, where government must infuse the economy with massive spending to boost start the market.

This fallacious system is alive and well with the Obama regime. If it isn’t him giving waivers from Obamacare to companies that supported his election campaign, his letting General Electric (one of his biggest supporters) cart blanche to build a clean burning coal plant while burdening every other company that produces coal fuel with taxes and regulations that leave them bankrupt and Obama giving General Electric a special waiver from his oppressive ‘global warming laws’ while leaving other businesses to eat cake.

Mercantilism died when it was torn apart by great thinkers like Adam Smith, David Hume, Dudley North and John Locke. Reality also dealt mercantilism a fatal blow. When food prices went up, when factories were closing and people were left homeless on the streets people got angry and kicked the bums who supported this dastardly system out of office and into the streets. Mercantilism was one of the major stimuli that kick started the American Revolution; even if ghouls like Alexander Hamilton only wanted to replace one economic dictator for one born and raised in the U.S.A.

Neo-mercantilism will die like its much-maligned grandfather. Reality will set in, when food prices sore and affordable energy is a thing of the past, people will get mad. When people lose everything, they lose it. All politics comes down to the pocket book. These elites think they can squash all commerce that does not favor them; even when that competition is by leaps and bounds more economically efficient than they are. Free markets are the only true natural economic order. It is human nature. Any impingement on this system through any sort of economic central planning is a perversion of human nature. Economic central planning is just as bad as a child molestation or infanticide.

Obama is not a socialist. His economic policy does have elements of Marxism. But, the Marxist argument is a way to get you arguing over that while Obama and his cronies swoop in and discredit every argument you make. He is a neo-mercantilist. That fact is irrefutable. He is killing this country and economy through this foolish policy. Attack him on this. It might be a bit heady for some Americans. I have faith in the intelligence of the American people. So should you.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Al Gore's Folly: It Snows, Yet He Persists With Failed CO2 Theory

I can barely walk outside my door and not slip on ice. New York has turned into a frozen tundra. Power hungry politicians and establishment scientists who promoted the false global warming theory should be tarred and feathered. You’d think they’d give up when a glance outside makes their stories of snowless winters hack level fairy tales. They are relentless. The lust for power and tax revenue enables them to continue their sneak thievery under the banner of ‘climate change’ instead of the old means tested global warming moniker. There is no greater offender than Al Gore.

Al Gore has made a widely seen Power Point presentation and written a few books on the subject of global warming. According to him, the sea levels would rise, New York and San Diego would be underwater and snow would be as distant a memory as the Wooly Mammoth. Who is to blame? Man. Why? His God-awful technology is releasing carbon dioxide into the air ever since he left the garden. The solution to this nightmare scenario? Pay your carbon indulgences to Al Gore as he absolves you of your sins while waving his magical pixie wand.

This brutal winter has relegated that theory to the back of the bus with the flat Earth theory and Disco as a viable art form.

Al Gore has moved on from global warming but not climate change. What is Al Gore’s theory as to the stimuli of these winter storms? Man and his constant belching of carbon dioxide. Never let a fact get in the way of a good story and don’t stop putting money in the pocket of Al Gore.

Carbon Dioxide is a natural occurring gas that is breathed in by plants and has nothing to do with the Earth getting warmer and cooler. The Earth always fluctuates. Sometimes it gets hot and sometimes it gets cold. The current weather, either hotter or warmer, is due to both the Earth ‘s tilt and either the frequency or infrequency of the Sun’s solar waves. It is the highest form of arrogance to believe that humans have the power to actually change the Earth. If the Earth wanted, it could shake us off and not think twice about it.

Al Gore does not listen to facts. Facts are not integral to his mythology. You have to believe that humans are changing the Earth for the worse like it is a religion. If you dare question the official orthodoxy you are a heretic to be burned at the stake.

Please, you are ruining the Earth with your carbon. So, leave your wallet at the door to be picked up by your government and Al Gore. Don’t resist. Don’t be a big bad male. And please, remember to sign over all paychecks to Mr. Al Gore.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

John Bolton Calls For Murder

With the revolution in Egypt going full swing, the fake conservatives are frothing at the mouth screaming,” Blood! We want more blood! Bomb! Bomb! Bomb!”

Former ambassador to the United Nations and prospective 2012 Republican presidential candidate, John Bolton, went on the Sean Hannity Radio Show yesterday and proclaimed if Mubarak falls, Israel should bomb Iran.

Sean Hannity, may be he be blessed at the altar of Leon Strauss, asked Bolton,” Do you think the Israelis are going to have to strike [Iran]-they are going to have to take action?

“As you pointed out, ElBaredei ran cover for the Iranians, for all the years he was with the IAEA. And, I just don’t think the Israelis have much longer to wait…they’re going to have to act in short order.”

After gleefully brushing his mustache worthy of a sleazy 70’s porn star, Bolton responded,” I think that’s right. I don’t think there’s much time to act. And I think the fall of a Egyptian government committed to the peace agreement will almost certainly speed that timetable.”

John Bolton is well known for repeatedly calling for the bombing of Iran on evidence more fantastic than Allen Ginsberg having a female wife.

John Bolton, in August of 2010, proclaimed loudly Israel had only a eight-day window to bomb Iran before Iran’s nuclear facilities are made operational for non-peaceful methods. The eight days came and went, amounting to nothing.

In August of 2008, John Bolton proclaimed Israel would bomb Iran before the swearing in of the next president. Bolton said Israel would not trust Obama to support them so they would bomb before Bush left office. Obama, not being a peacenik (but lets keep convenient facts outside of this story), came into office and nothing happened. Bolton made lots of noise, amounting to nothing.

John Bolton is an unstable and stupid man that should not be allowed within 1,000 feet of the nuclear football. The mainstream media trots him out as an expert on foreign policy, but one could find much better talent in your local hospital’s maternity ward. Thank God he blows out nothing but hot air, holds no power and his words amount to nothing except to bloggers around the world.

A pigeon just pooped in New York. If you’re John Bolton, that’s reason enough for Israel to bomb Iran.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Discovery Bay California Bans Cash, Hates Freedom

Paying cash is the best way to protect oneself from unwanted intrusion by governments looking to track your purchases in real time and using that information against you. They will claim only terrorists and anti-government extremists use cash to hide their nefarious purchases from the light. But the paper trail left by buying things through credit and debit cards is logged by the government and can be falsified to go after those who the state despises. Cash purchases are the best safeguard from this. That is why governments federal, state and local are looking to kill that loophole. You must be logged, tagged and tracked or else you are with the ‘terrorists’.

The march towards a cashless society is well under way in Discovery Bay, California. The residents of Discovery Bay will be the first municipality in the country to deny residents the option of paying cash for public services. As the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been going bananas in their advertisement spots claiming cash payers are terrorists and devils, so does Discovery Bay follow this despotic viewpoint with gusto.

Starting in May, if you live in Discovery Bay, to pay your water bill, buy a leisure card to enter local parks or to purchase any kind of government service you must pay by either credit card, debit card, check or money order.

I guess people who wish to pay cash have money that is no good. I guess when the greenbacks say it is legal tender for all debts public and private, it is just a piece of paper with words on it (I’m apt to agree with that, but that’s for a different day and different article). I guess the brown shirted fascists are afraid of the mundanes wanting any sort of anonymity.

What are the official reasons for this damnable legislation? City officials claim they are enacting this legislation to protect the city workers from potential thieves with an eye for the city’s cash stores (government hates competition!). But the facts tell a totally different story than the city government’s convenient fantasy.

A former board member of the Discovery Bay city council is saying the move is in response to residents paying in cash for the disclosure of official city documents. Even though this is a perfectly legal right, I guess the city of Discovery Bay is afraid that its activity behind closed doors will be shown the light of day and give fodder to their potential electoral challengers.

As with any government, the City of Discovery Bay is afraid of its own people. One of the other unofficial reasons given was that the citizens were getting uncommonly antagonistic towards the local government. They were using documents procured to take shots toward the government. When a government gets so big, so corrupted that it intrudes into other people’s lives, citizens get mad and take charge of the situation. The people being the biggest threat to any nefarious government scheme, said government must lock up all damning information before the people see and take up pitchforks.

This legislation sets two very dangerous precedent. With Discovery Bay in the lead, many other towns, cities, counties and states will be enacting similar laws. Although they will claim they will be protecting their workers and the government from potential thieves, the truth will be they are looking to find out who wants to find out the results of their leader’s backroom activities and then act against them accordingly.

The second precedent is much more sinister. The DHS has been screeching that all who wish to pay cash are terrorists and must be treated like the devils they are. If you refuse to use credit cards or checks you must be with the terrorists.

This is a script the DHS has been following for quite awhile. In manuals, videos and public service announcements, they have been depicting people who prefer cash purchases to be involved in terroristic activity and a threat to the nation. The most blaring example of this is the video PSA entitled No Reservations: Suspicious Activity In Hotels.

In the video, the perky little counter girl at the hotel is shocked, just shocked this man (this brown man!) wants to pay for his room in cash. Oh, the horror! He wants some anonymity. I’m so sorry his purchase is not being logged, tracked and stored for the merry peeping toms in southern Maryland to use against him when he becomes an inconvenience to the fatherland!

The DHS, the Federal “Security” apparatus and political talkers from both ends of the controlled political spectrum have been calling for tyranny at a fever pitch. When the DHS is producing PSA’s that depict cash payers as evil terrorists, not as people that value their privacy, we know we are entering a brave new world; not in the Shakespearian sense either! The government is fomenting paranoia and misplaced do-gooder tendencies to control the people from realizing they have been treated as slaves their forefathers fought and died to keep free from oppression.

Paying cash, as I mentioned earlier in this article, is the best way to protect your privacy when buying or selling goods. There is no paper trail and that’s why the government hates it. Don’t be surprised at some time in the future; cash is fazed out entirely in favor of credit and debit cards.

We are driving down the road to tyranny. Our final destination is total despotism. The only way to save us from this fate is to turn back now before it is too late. We must head back towards liberty. For liberty is our best chance for survival as a species.